Ilir Gjocaj is a playwright, screenwriter, dramaturg, librettist, director, and producer. Two of his plays have been staged, The Basement, which was performed at the National Theater of Kosovo (Prishtina) in 2009, and The Kitchen, performed at both the Dodona Theater (Prishtina) in 2009 and the Gjakova theater (Gjakova) in 2012. These have been translated into Serbian, English, German, and Turkish. One of his short films, Denis the Prophet, won first prize at the Nine Eleven Prishtina Festival in 2003. He has written and directed many television documentaries, among them The Kurtaj Violins (2001), Why Me, A Documentary on AIDS (2002), which has been broadcast over the years on three national television networks, and Japanese People for the Children of Kosovo (2002). Along with Visar Krusha and Artur Tahiraj, he wrote and directed the TV comedy Tezga Alternative (2002). He has co-written for the RTK public television sitcom, Our Cafés (2006–2009). As a dramaturg he has participated in A Suspect Individual, Albanian Theater (Skopje) 2013, One Flew over the Kosovo Theater, Qendra Multimedia, 2012, and Tartuffe, The National Theater of Kosovo, 2008. As a librettist, he has collaborated with the composer T. Dhomi on the musical Arietta (2012), and since 2003 he has been the production manager of Kosovafilm.