By Andreas Flourakis

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A play of the utmost simplicity that packs a big punch full of feeling . . . This is theatre that makes you feel that you’ve got your feet wet, whether clambering up the beach or reaching out a hand from the rocks.
Howard Loxton, British Theatre Guide

I cannot imagine the source – the readings or experiences – from which he combines the most magical elements of naturalism.
Grigoris Ioannidis, Efimerida Ton Syntakton, Greece

Andreas Flourakis “transcribes” ideologies. thoughts, emotions, and perspectives, which – whether liked or detested – remain recognizable to all.
Eleni Triantafylopoulou,
from the introduction to I Want a Country, Greece

His goal is to show us around the chaotic, hostile, unwelcoming, wounded, helpless “land of men.” Flourakis engages himself . . . with the savage and sacred material of human nature.
Eleni Koutsileou, Avgi, Greece

He approaches his works with the joy and excitement of a child; he plays with words, things, people, and their social roles, puts to the test their performative potential and the limits of their authenticity and illusiveness . . . the theatrical arena surrenders with absolute confidence.
Kaiti Diamantakou, from the introduction to Medea’s Burqa, Greece


If you had to leave home in a hurry – in the face of a cataclysm – what would you take with you?

Commissioned by the Royal Court Theatre in London

The ovation for  Readiness Exercise  (a workshop in advance of the play) at Beep theater in Athens

The ovation for Readiness Exercise (a workshop in advance of the play) at Beep theater in Athens



Drawing by Biba Kayewich

Drawing by Biba Kayewich

Flourakis’ heroes . . . release the inarticulate cry of the deep need to exist without pain. 
~Eleni Koutsileou, Avgi, Greece

One of the few living writers in his prime for whom a theatrical monograph has already been published. 
~Kaiti Diamantakou, from the introduction to Medea’s Burqa


Andreas Flourakis has written more than thirty works for theater, which have been widely performed both in Greece and internationally. His honors include a Fulbright Artists Award and selection by the Janus Project for New Plays and New Playwriting. In 2014 his drama, Strong Knees, was one of a trio of winners of the biennial Eurodram award.

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The Things You Take With You

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