Visar Krusha is a playwright, screenwriter, dramaturg, director, and producer. His plays have been translated into Serbian, French, German, English, and Turkish and performed in the Albanian Theater of Skopje (The Crossroads Café, 2003), and the Oda Theater in Prishtina (The Key, 2004). The Key was also published in the literary magazine, Fjala. His television work includes scriptwriting for the Inside Justice and the Modern Family series (the Radio and Television network of Kosovo). He has written, directed, and produced two short films: Three Minutes of Solitude (2009) and Kaçanik Girl (2011). In 2006 he founded Produksioni Krusha, a film production company that, in conjunction with Niko Film (Germany), Skopje Film Studio (Macedonia), and Eaux Vive Productions (France), produced the feature film Babai (2015), which won five separate prizes at the Munich Film Festival (2015), as well as awards from the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (2015), the Angers European First Film Festival (2016), the Crossing Europe Filmfestival (2016), and the Prix Europe (2017), among others. He is a member of the European Film Academy, has won the Bosch Stiftung Co-production Prize (2011), and has taught in the Department of Dramaturgy at Prishtina University. Krusha is the current artistic director of the Dodona Theater in Prishtina.