Awards & Recognition


Laertes is the recipient of an IPPY award for Clearing the Ground: the silver medal for cover design for fiction, 2016.


A PubWest gold medal for book design was presented to Laertes in 2016 for Clearing the Ground.

Praise for Clearing the Ground

I scanned Cavafy availed by 15 pundits of translation and criticism; only now I begin to discern this poet to be a man as I would be, a man whose diversified fulfillments and consummations were to be held within one apprehension, the which, I now discern, he had achieved. Thank you, Martin McKinsey. —Richard Howard

It strikes me as a must for anyone interested in modern poetry, queer studies, or (as I am most) how a poet discovers the courage and conviction to make a lasting mark in language. —Joshua Weiner

An important contribution to primary and secondary bibliographies of modern gay letters. —Josiah Blackmore

McKinsey’s technique of reporting the poet’s jottings and then placing a relevant poem in the midst of those jottings brings Cavafy (not to mention the poem in question) alive in a way that, at least for me, has never happened before. —Peter A. Bien

The notes put each poem in a new light. —Thomas W. Laqueur

No one interested in the hidden currents that electrify great literature can afford to miss Clearing the Ground. Djelloul Marbrook

A pleasure to read . . . the fruit of a very long scholarly engagement with Cavafy and also the work of a skilled translator with acute critical sensibilities . . . An attractive, user-friendly, creative and informative volume, which will delight and enlighten many readers. —Sarah Ekdawi, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Cambridge Core