By Jeton Neziraj

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Department of Dreams had its first full stage reading at Fabrica Athens, on the 9th of November, 2018. It will have its world premiere at City Garage Theatre in Santa Monica, California, on the 25th of October, 2019.

A prolific writer . . . caustic, bursting with words and energy . . . Neziraj exhibits a verve that is as joyous and unbridled as it is cynical.
Jean-Pierre Thibaudat, Mediapart, France

Jeton Neziraj is an agent provocateur.
Lura Limani, Pristina Insight, Kosovo

The Kafka of the Balkans.
Jakob Hayner, Theater der Zeit, Germany



Caricature by Mentor Llapashtica

Caricature by Mentor Llapashtica

His plays seem friendly and harmless at first. Often, they even tell fairy tales. For example, the tale of the old couple who accidentally eat their little son after he falls into a bean stew. No, the fairy tales of Jeton Neziraj are not suited for little children’s bedtime stories. In fact, his plays are not as charming as they seem. Fairy tales are often brutal, but reality can be even worse. At the heart of Jeton Neziraj’s work, are realistic dramas.
Wolfgang Kralicek, theater critic, Vienna, from the introduction to Six Plays, by Jeton Neziraj

Jeton Neziraj is the former artistic director of The National Theater of Kosovo, and the founder and current director of Qendra Multimedia. He has written over twenty-five plays which have been staged, translated, and performed throughout Europe and the United States.

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Department of Dreams

Softcover – ISBN 978-1-942281-14-6 – 94 pages

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