By Xhevdet Bajraj

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A man under the spell of madness . . . the wrath of the righteous against the wily . . . the actor thrills to the roots of the hair . . . 
Eliona LataGazeta ShekulliKosovo

A man exiled by the war, who in exile is missing a part of himself. . . He feels soulless, far from a home he dreams of, but can no longer reach. 
~ Anna Di Lellio, from the introduction to One Flew over the Kosovo Theater, An Anthology of Contemporary Plays from Kosovo

Political poetry in the broadest sense . . . observed from various angles, but always with a lucid bite. Very.                               Héctor Carreto, Periódio de Poesía, Mexico City

Satire of the highest degree, wrought of metaphor, and made for a century like this: alarmed to an unthinkable extreme.
~ Rybak Dabaj, Pashtriku, Kosovo


Through the course of a night, and across illimitable space, a man from Kosovo is plagued by a mosquito.

A discourse that stretches from the lyrical to the language of advertising and pop culture . . . A stream of consciousness as conceived by that Irish Catholic who redirected the return of Ulysses to his own house in Ireland. ~Héctor Carreto, Periódio de Poesía, Mexico City.



 Drawing by Florent Pista

Drawing by Florent Pista

His poetry expresses a melancholy that covers his whole being, inside and out. ~Albulena Zylbeari, Pan Albanica

Already the greatest Albanian poet of the twenty-first- century.             ~ Rybak Dabaj, Pashtriku, Kosovo



Xhevdet Bajraj is a professor of creative writing and literature at the Autonomous University of Mexico City. Working in both Albanian and Spanish, he has published more than fifteen award-winning books of verse, which have been translated into many languages. He has also appeared as a co-star of Aro Tolbukhin, In the Mind of the Killer, Mexico’s submission to the 2003 Oscars.

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Slaying the Mosquito

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