By Xhevdet Bajraj

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A man under the spell of madness . . . the wrath of the righteous against the wily . . . the actor thrills to the roots of the hair . . . 
Eliona LataGazeta Shekulli, Kosovo

A man exiled by the war, who in exile is missing a part of himself. . . He feels soulless, far from a home he dreams of, but can no longer reach. 
Anna Di Lellio, from the introduction to One Flew over the Kosovo Theater, An Anthology of Contemporary Plays from Kosovo

Political poetry in the broadest sense . . . observed from various angles, but always with a lucid bite. Very.                         —  Héctor Carreto, Periódio de Poesía, Mexico City

Satire of the highest degree, wrought of metaphor, and made for a century like this: alarmed to an unthinkable extreme.
Rybak Dabaj, Pashtriku, Kosovo


Through the course of a night, and across illimitable space, a man from Kosovo is plagued by a mosquito.

A discourse that stretches from the lyrical to the language of advertising and pop culture . . . A stream of consciousness as conceived by that Irish Catholic who redirected the return of Ulysses to his own house in Ireland. ~Héctor Carreto, Periódio de Poesía, Mexico City.



Drawing by Florent Pista

Drawing by Florent Pista

His poetry expresses a melancholy that covers his whole being, inside and out. — Albulena Zylbeari, Pan Albanica

Already the greatest Albanian poet of the twenty-first- century.             — Rybak Dabaj, Pashtriku, Kosovo


Xhevdet Bajraj is a professor of creative writing and literature at the Autonomous University of Mexico City. Working in both Albanian and Spanish, he has published more than twenty award-winning books of verse, which have been translated into many languages. He has also appeared as a co-star of Aro Tolbukhin, In the Mind of the Killer, Mexico’s submission to the 2003 Oscars.

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Slaying the Mosquito

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